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Concealed carry firearm owners hope they never need to use their weapon. But they know that should the time come, the ammunition they use is critical to successfully neutralizing the threat. This is why the Federal Hydra-Shok .40 S&W 165 gr. JHP is the most popular choice in terms of both accuracy and overall ballistic performance.

Why is this design so popular? Simply put, because it works. The notched copper jacket allows for controlled penetration and the unique center-post hollow point design both controls expansion and provides for efficient energy transfer.

The result is incredible performance when you need it most, and peace of mind when you do not. This is the reason many law enforcement agencies also depend on Federal’s LE version of this same round for their own protection.

Federal using only top-quality jacketed hollow point projectiles, nickel plated brass casing and boxer primers. This 500 round case makes it possible to pair accuracy & reliability with affordability, allowing you to practice with what you carry – a trademark of self-defense training.

Each round is manufactured new using top-quality 165 gr. jacketed hollow point projectiles, nickel-plated brass casing, and boxer primers.

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